K.... so....

I'm going to be busting out my alter-ego LJ to document and record as I research and then build some Victorian garments. If you don't already have it, ask me for the link.

Fish is tasty, fish is good

I made dinner tonight. I got home a little late (stopped at REI for some miscellany) and wanted something FAST as I was totally ravenous. I had a piece of fish I needed to cook. I admit, I bought an 8 oz yellowfin tuna steak on impulse because it was so pretty. The few times I've tried to cook tuna, it's come out tasting much like it does out of the can. Not this time. I kept it simple, just spraying a small frying pan with Pam and liberally peppering and salting the steak. I turned it twice to prevent the surface from scorching. When I sat down to eat, it flaked apart perfectly and the interior was still pink but not translucent, much like a well-cooked beefsteak. And it was DELICIOUS.

I paired it up with a green salad with crushed macadamia and dried mango bits. Dessert was frozen mango chunks which I buy Trader Joes and eat as is - I just put them in a bowl when I sit down to eat my dinner, and by the time I'm done with the dinner courses, they've softened to the consistency of sorbet.

It was all very simple, totally delicious, and healthy. My inner foodie is proud!
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Yay Sunshine

The sun came out today! It almost looks like summer (but I'm not fooled, you sneaky weather!).

I was supposed to do something with L., but it got mangled by way of faulty technology and too-lax planning. This is mostly a tangent, but I am about ready to throw my phone out a window. I shouldn't be so annoyed, it's old and *still* works better than the phone that was supposed to replace it, but it randomly shuts itself off because of a flaky battery connection and isn't holding a charge very well any more.

Where weekend days hanging out with L. are always lovely and I'm sad we had to postpone, it still turned into a very nice day. One that isn't even over yet!

I decided to go outside, because it's glorious out. I went down to the Pita Pit on the Ave for some food, and then decided I'd stroll up towards University Village, knowing perfectly well that the overpass is closed for reconstruction and I'd not be able to go down to the shopping center. I wanted to see how they'd rerouted traffic, maybe walk the detour. I found that out later, randomly, and am glad I didn't pursue that - the detour's very long!

Instead I turned into Cowen Park, and followed the trail into Ravenna Creek Park. It's really lovely - a woodsy, shady oasis in the middle of the city. It's so pretty I wish I'd brought my camera. Next time! I stuck to the main path, but there are many side paths to explore, and the developed parks at either end are both very nice too.

Now... now I'm going outside to fidget with my bicycle. It's going to take some fidgeting too - I purchased campus pedals, with a platform on one side and clips on the other. They are set with the spring WAY too stiff right now, and I have not practiced clipping in and out at all - so I am going to loosen them up and practice a bit, just standing over the bike outside my apartment. I do not want to get myself into trouble with the clips while on my morning commute. Eastlake Avenue's busy!

I'm trying to get into a bike commuter workshop hosted by the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation but the one that was at University Heights Community Center tomorrow was canceled for lack of interest. I've RSVP'ed for the next one, on the 11th of July at the U Village Barnes & Noble (and now you know why I was contemplating the detour!). I'm also trying to get to a couple of the local "easy" group rides, and will be posting them on my Facebook page for any interested folks.

Week in review

NOTE - today's entry is heavily bike-centric, so if you don't give a crap about cycling, you can feel free to ignore it in its entirety.

Monday: New Employee Orientation. That means I got to waste the whole day in a long meeting learning about the policies of the company I've worked for for the last two years.

Tuesday: Decided, almost but not quite entirely on a whim, to take my bike to work. It's been forever since I've ridden it. I rode as far as the transit center on Campus & University and then boarded my usual bus. On my way home, I rode a bit on the Burke-Gilman trail, heading towards Fremont. The next thing I knew, I was at Gasworks! The return trip was a mild uphill grade, and by the time I made it back up to the Ave (a mere 1.3 miles) I was totally wiped out and walked the rest of the way home. I chided myself a bit for stopping for a bacon cheesburger on my way home, but realized that I probably would have done that regardless.

One small note before I move on to Wednesday - the B-G trail is nice and all, but it's full of assholes. And it's the cyclists that are the issue. The trail's narrow - enough for perhaps three people to walk abreast - and yet it was common to see two bikes abreast and moving at ridiculous speeds. Bikes would fly past without announcing their presence, or worse, yell at you *after* they had passed for not moving right for them (even though you were trying to overtake a poor, hapless pedestrian). ONE guy in Lycra kit coming the other way smiled and nodded. Everybody else was relentlessly assholish.

Wednesday: Went to work as normal; the day was a little choppy due to meetings, but otherwise unremarkable. I got off the bus early and, on foot, wandered down to Recycled Cycles. The staff was friendly and immediately offered help; the selection was nice and I got to oggle a lot of pretty, pretty road bikes. I decided to upgrade my bike pedals and decided on a campus pedal. This is a regular platform pedal, but has a clip socket on one side. I didn't know if my bank account would support it right that minute, so made mental plans to go in on Friday with bike in hand. That way the nice folks there could install them and show me the basics on how to use the clips. Walked home.

Thursday: Went to work and had an ordinary day. On the way home, stopped into Performance. The staff there didn't seem to even realize I had entered the room. Wandered around a bit, wished I could afford a road bike, went home. Ordered pizza.

Friday: With thoughts of going to the bike shop after work, I went to some effort in the morning to prep and take my bike. I'm not up to riding all the way in; I'm in horrible shape and need to remember how to manage everything for commuting. I did decide to experiment a little with routes, so I rode up to Roosevelt and went on across the Eastlake bridge, just to see what it would be like. I stopped at the next bus stop, where I stood around for a while, and got on the exact same bus, with the regular driver I see every day, that I would have caught outside my apartment.

Well, I realized as I rolled into work that I had done a craptastic job packing my bag. I had my phone, my iPod, my book.... but I had left my carefully planned snacks and, even more crucially, my WALLET at home. I'd also somehow managed to make it without my bike gloves, which I had had when prepping my bicycle. I feared them lost. Fortunately, a coworker was willing to spot me a fiver for lunch.

I bussed back home, with the intent of running in and getting my wallet and going on to the bike store on my street bike, possibly to be followed by another ride on the B-G, in the other direction (goal - see how difficult it might be to make it to Cascade Bike Club classes and events held at Magnuson). But... then I spotted Mike O.! One of my favorite coworkers from Utilikilts was just standing there, on the Ave. It was really nice seeing him, and we BSed for too long for me to make it to Recycled Cycles in time, so I scrapped the whole thing and am now sitting here doing nada.

Once I post, I'll be working on getting my apartment in some semblance of order... but let's look at the weekend plans before I sign off.

Saturday: Going to a coworker's place for her daughter's 1st birthday. Weather's supposed to be nice, and it's a Luau theme. Baby B-Days are more about grownups, and it'll be nice to hang out with other adults for a bit, maybe meet some new folks. This will be followed by random adventure with S., who lives in the same region of "far away". No real idea what we'll be doing, but it'll be fun because time with S. is always entertaining.

Sunday: Laundry, and then we'll see about the bike shop/B-G to Magnuson thing.
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Because I haven't in ages.

There are possibly a few of you out there who don't have any other way of keeping tabs... and I've not posted in a couple months, because I'm lazy.

Well, let's see. The $job finally hired me on as a real employee. That's good - it's more money and benefits for doing exactly what I've been doing the last two years.

I am digging living in the U District. It's a pretty much perfect location.

Um... that's probably about all, except for the thing that prompted me to post in the first place.

So when I was in Chicago, I took a Psychology class. It was pretty rudimentary, and being at an arts college there were a lot of interesting "project" type assignments. In that class, the final project was to make an artistic/visual display of a mental disorder. I am working on unpacking the last boxes, and ran into mine.

I made Porn Shoes.

Lurking in a box in my place (and previously in my parents' garage, in some pretty serious storage conditions) there has been a pair of size 11 black stilettos that have been decoupaged with pictures of scantily clad women. I had to keep it PG13 since it was a school project, but the effect was excellent - and did a good job on the assignment, since my chosen mental disorder was "fetishism." Nothin' says misplaced sexual interest like shoes covered in pictures of cleavage.

The effect is really quite pretty; from more than a meter away, they're just kind of peach-ish with a black edging (done here with black masking tape, as the edges desperately needed some sort of finish). You have to look closer to see that it's mostly boobs. If I were to redo them, I'd go for broke and upgrade my source material from Maxim to Hustler.

Said shoes do actually fit me - though with my feet having issues these days and the danger of the glue cracking, I'm unlikely to ever wear them.

The mission: Obtain a recliner

The problem: Lack of a comfy sitting place to watch TV.

The goal: Obtain a recliner - perfect for one single solitary person to sit, put feet up, watch a bit of boob tube. Or in such cases as necessary, sub in as an ad hoc bed for whoever needs it.

The obstacles: Lack of funds, lack of transportation.

The plan:

1. Convince a friend to come over - possibly with bribes of home cooked food. Friend must have medium to large vehicle. SUV or wagon quite adequate.

2. Hit up craigslist, browse until a suitable recliner is found. Shabby OK, free ideal though a small sum might be coughed up to obtain something not too broke down. Friend obtained in step 1 will help make this bit a roaring good time.

3. Go fetch chair with the help of friend and their car.

4. Repay friend for their kindness with... um... I dunno, how does beef picadillo sound?
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Up to not much

I had an awesome lunch (taco omelet) and am heading towards an awesome dinner (spaghetti). It's been soooo nice to cook my own meals, especially after indulging myself and purchasing new cookware. Stainless steel FTW!

My wireless router has arrived and I will be installing it shortly. Still need a TV chair, and some unpacking needs to be finished. I still haven't gotten my desk shaken down.

Has internets, still unpacking

Turns out I have a lot of random crap. Since I'm unlikely to revert back to raver, if any of you are in the market for flashy light toys or glow in the dark shoelaces, let me know.

I had to buy new pots and pans. I hadn't seen mine since I left Illinois, and they were looking very sad. They were cheap, and old, and the finish was coming off the interiors. This time, I went in for stainless steel. I regret it not at all. Nice bonus: the price was good as it was, but there was also a rebate, which I have mailed off for.

I'm determined to get my sewing studio set back up, and soon. Also, my desk. I don't mind nerding at the dining room table, but the desk would be even better.
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Okay, okay, an actual post.


I'm still a temp at the same placement I've been in since coming home from Chicago. It's a job, and the employment scene's still looking pretty rough despite all the trumpeting you hear on the news about the recession being over. I'm content to let them lead me on with promises of FT work and benefits for the time being, as it does pay the bills.

Also still living at my aunt's house - but only for a few more days. I've found a nice little apartment in a totally fabulous location - at the north end of the Ave, right on University Way. I know that the location probably isn't for everybody, but I love the U District. Lots of food, stuff to do, excellent transit, et cetera. Plus I'm at the north end, right by the community center and the Safeway, which gives access to groceries and the Farmer's Market.

I'll have my own kitchen and my sewing machines back. Mom's paying for movers for all the goods that are still in storage. I have just some incidentals here; the furniture all belongs to my Aunt. We figure that it will take just one trip with mom's Scion to get everything from here to the new place, so I don't even need any help moving. It's good.

When the bosslady put the smackdown on us using the internet at all for anything even vaguely not work related, I pretty much stopped posting or using any sort of social networking tools. I will try to get back in the habit, folks.
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